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// error of my ways. //

passionless sex/sexting/phone boning - just to get a nut, for what i might say is peace of mind. can i really do without it? 

is the sexual craving a sign of my mental depravity or my loneliness. only time and abstinence will tell… 

i’ve probably never found the girl of my dreams, because i’m too busy trying to find the quickest thing to get my mind off of my reality. 

// thoughts that keep me up at night.//

i wonder constantly was it me that fucked up and drove her away, or did she wake up and suddenly realize that i’d never be the man of her dreams, due to the little inconvenience called genetics. they tell me to let it go and stop living in the nightmare that i created, i wish the on/off switch was that easy to find. 

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— Zoe Leonard
I will never stop loving this quote.


— Zoe Leonard

I will never stop loving this quote.

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Aaliyah could make some sexy ass faces.

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Art of Transliness: Workouts to Promote a More Masculine Figure


A lot of guys write in asking us what kind of workouts they should do in order to make themselves look more masculine, either to help along the effects of HRT or because they are not on testosterone. Becoming more muscular in general will make your body look more like what society expects for a…

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